When deciding on if and how to go about purchasing a building lot to build your dream home, there are many factors to consider.


  • What is the availability/cost of Other Utilities? (Power, Phone, Cable, and Internet)
  • Where on the lot should the home be built?
  • The costs involved in clearing the site?
  • The size of the septic system required?
  • How big of a house or footprint is allowed?
  • Are there any wetlands or ledge on the property?
  • What are the setbacks?


You need to know if the land “percs” for an onsite septic system, what type of septic system will need to be installed, and how much it will cost.  If you are planning to build a 4-bedroom home and the property can only install a 2-bedroom septic system, the property may not be the one for you. Often times you will need to hire someone to conduct a test and make your offer contingent upon this factor.

Is there water available?  You don’t want to find a great price on a property, find that it percs, but find out later that it will cost more than budgeted to drill 200 feet down to install a well.  Although you cannot be 100% sure without an actual drilling, an experienced local drilling company can provide you information of lots nearby and their drilling depths and associated costs.  They usually have standardized bids with variables that include depth that can provide you a general price range of the associated costs. 

Many other factors should be considered prior to purchasing a lot. It is always best to hire a real estate agent with experience.

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