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About this 50 page Guide

You’ve decided to sell your house. As experienced REALTY WORLD® professionals, we know that selling a house can be a confusing and complicated process.Chances are, you have a lot of questions.

Questions like, “Should I sell it myself or use a real estate professional?”, “ How do I price my house?”, and “What are the costs to me when I sell my house?” This guide will answer your questions and help you through the process from the day you decide to sell to the day the sale of your house is finalized.

You'll find easy-to-understand information on selecting an associate, preparing your house to sell, how to get top dollar for your house, and much more. You can use this guide to help you make the right decisions in your particular circumstances.

You'll learn about special REALTY WORLD® programs that are designed to make selling a house easier. While it’s impossible to cover every topic associated with selling a house in this guide, you will get a general overview of how the selling process works. Our years of experience in real estate have been drawn upon to put this guide together. We know you'll find it a valuable source of information.

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