Eight Steps to Buy Property

5. Offer Response

Response to your offer by the seller may be in any one of three forms: (a) the seller accepts your offer as presented (b) the seller may reject your offer outright – this usually occurs when an offer is substantially below the true market value of the property OR conditions were asked for that the seller cannot, or will not meet (c) the seller counter-offers your offer by changing the price, or other condition in the offer to one that is acceptable to the seller

Depending on which response the seller chooses, you are now in a position to discuss the options you have with your Signature Properties of New England Realtor. You have a limited time to respond to the seller's counter-offer.

At this point you will again review the current market value of this property (as established by comparable sales) and formulate your next move. Your Signature Properties of New England Realtor is experienced at crafting and presenting second offers for a property – an invaluable service.

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