Eight Steps to Buy Property

6. Inspections

Upon acceptance of your offer by the seller, you will immediately order your property inspections - most of which you will be conducted at your expense. These inspections may include any of the following: structural, pest, radon, water quality and quantity, septic, lead, heating-plumbing & electrical.

It is absolutely essential that you have these inspections done by professional contractors. Items needing serious repair or "code violations" can be reported to the seller and in many instances the seller will be willing to make these repairs - at the seller's expense - prior to closing.

There are very tight timelines in the process of asking the seller to make repairs or correct code violations. Your Signature Properties of New England Realtor is fully aware of how these negotiations are conducted and the procedures to follow to protect your interests. If the inspections demonstrate that the property is not worth the price you offered (because of the repairs) – you may withdraw from the transaction without penalty.

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