Eight Steps to Finance Property

3. Documents

While you are viewing homes to purchase – this is the time to get your financing documents together – especially if some of your funds are coming from untypical sources – 401K, loan from a parent, retirement account, stocks and bonds.

Your Lender will guide you – but, at the minimum, you will need the following documents when you are ready to make your loan application:

  1. Two years of W2's
  2. Thirty days of pay stubs
  3. Two months of all bank statements
  4. Twelve months of rent check payments
  5. Copies of all applicants driver's licenses and social security cards
  6. Information about retirement accounts, 401K, CD's, social security or disability income, child support, alimony and more.

This is also the perfect time to "clean up" any negative issues that show on your credit report. Your Lender will give you a copy of this report and will give you guidance on how to get the errors corrected. They may also help you through this process.

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