Eight Steps to Sell Property

1. Value Analysis

The most important step in the selling process is establishing your property's true current market value. The price you should expect to receive from your sale is what the property will appraise for by the buyer's lender. Few, if any, buyers will pay more than the appraised value.

A Signature Properties of New England Realtor will arrive at a market value for your property by accessing your property's characteristics and comparing them with other properties, like yours, that have recently sold in your area.

This analysis will not produce an "absolute" market value price – it provides a "value range". Your Realtor will recommend a listing price to you based on their knowledge of recent sales and how many similar homes are on the market competing with yours.

We promise that "We WILL NOT recommend that you list your property at a substantially higher value than you can expect to be offered – just to impress you and obtain your listing." We would rather that you not hire us now, than have you disappointed with us later, when we can't sell your property at an artificially high price.

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