Eight Steps to Sell Property

2. Establish Price

When we are invited to evaluate your property to determine its current market value, a wide variety of factors are considered. Size, style, age, condition, uniqueness and location of the property are paramount. Apart from the level of the market itself – it is the above factors that will determine what your home will be worth to a buyer. Two identical homes – except for condition and location can have a market value difference of thousands of dollars.

However, there is a buyer for every home, if the "asking price" of the property is competitive with other "like" properties that are for sale in the area. The most common mistake sellers make when listing property, is to initially overprice it to "see what happens" – expecting to reduce the price later.

Experience has shown that property is most likely to sell in its first 30 to 60 days on the market, if the price is competitively established.

The Signature Properties of New England Realtor you choose to market your property is skilled at determining your property's current market value for you – and they have a vast support system and staff to call upon to make this judgment.

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