Eight Steps to Sell Property

4. Marketing Plan

The job of the Signature Properties of New England Realtor, who represents you as a seller, is to "Market your property". Marketing a property is to "attract" other agents and their buyers to your property. The more prospects who view your property, the greater the opportunity for one or more quick, fair market offers.

The marketing plan your Signature Properties of New England Realtor develops will be individually created and unique to your property. Where and how to promote your property is dependant upon all the factors that make your property different. Some properties require only local promotion – an equine property will be promoted in equine media – an antique property will appear in an Antique Homes media and websites. You get the idea.

One caution. If you overprice your property when you put it on the market – it will sit there with few showings. No amount of promotion will cause a prospective buyer to be attracted to an overpriced listing - OR, if you receive an offer, it is likely to be at its true market value, not your asking price.

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