Eight Steps to Sell Property

5. Communicate

Perhaps the most important part of the relationship between a seller and their Signature Properties of New England Realtor is establishing a means of communicating quickly and effectively. Your Realtor can always be reached through their cell phone, Email, or the Voice Mail at their office – which immediately pages the Realtor.

Your Realtor will need to understand how best to reach you, even at odd hours or at work (if that's OK). The opportunity for a showing often arises quickly and the more likely that your Realtor can show your property on short notice, the greater number of showings will take place. If there are times that showing is not practical (because of sleep schedules, for example) – it is helpful to know that in advance, allowing us to advise other Realtors of that fact.

You will receive several routine communications from us: (a) a phone report whenever your property is shown to a prospect (b) a twice monthly written report that tells you which Internet Web sites your listing is appearing – where print ads have appeared – results of showings – inquiries about your property – results of Home Inspections - results of Appraisals - and memos that your Signature Properties of New England Realtor has entered about your property.

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