Eight Steps to Sell Property

6. Negotiate Offer

When an offer is presented for your property, it will be accompanied by a buyer pre-qualification letter, giving you some assurance that the buyer is capable of purchasing a property at your price level. It will also be accompanied by a signed copy of the property disclosures you issued at the time of listing. This document assures you that the buyer understands what he is buying.

You and your Signature Properties of New England Realtor will review the offer closely – paying special attention to any contingency language that exists. You will have three options with the offer (a) accept the offer as is (b) (reject the offer because of unacceptable price or for other contingencies in the offer (c) make a counter-offer, by writing in a new price – and/or altering contingencies the buyer has demanded.

Offers and counter-offers can be tasking. They occasionally cause either the buyer or seller (or both) to become irritated with each other over the terms of the transaction. However your Signature Properties of New England Realtor has broad experience working with buyer's representatives – and your Realtor's negotiating skills will usually smooth the issues and cause the transaction to proceed to a successful conclusion.

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