Eight Steps to Sell Property

8. Closing

Closing day is great fun, and a lot of work. Usually, on the morning of closing day, the buyer and the buyer's Realtor will do a "walk through" of the property. They will be checking to see that all repairs have been done, that the property is "broom clean" and that nothing has been removed from the property that should convey with the purchase.

When you reach your attorney's office, you will spend about 30 to 45 minutes reviewing and signing documents. Your attorney will fully explain every document to you.

If you have agreed to do any repairs to the property – it will be very helpful to bring in receipts, proving that the repairs have been made and the contractor has been paid. Lack of these receipts is often a cause for buyer concern and delay at the closing.

While your Signature Properties of New England Realtor plays no role in the closing, having transferred all of the necessary documents to the attorneys earlier – they will be at your side, ready to answer any questions that may be asked. THEN WE CELEBRATE!

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